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Dismas Charities Question

PWC...You know what I'm talking about.

No Endorsements, Not Bought and Paid For

Praying for Freddie

Freddie and Venus Praying for Families of Fayetteville State Students and Faculty

Murchison Road Corridor… Let’s Vote For Change!

Fayetteville State University Security

Freddie de la Cruz About PWC

Veterans for Freddie de la Cruz for Mayor

My Foundation: My Faith, My Family and My Country!

Hey Drumz Up Gunz Down Great Job!

The Brother From Another Mother!

Great Day At Harry Hosier United Methodist Church!

District 2: Community Policing Save lives.

District 2: Fayetteville We Can Do Better Than This!

Eki African Restaurant


Serving that makes the difference

Thank you Major General Anderson


Key Economic Benefits of Heath and Wellness Walking Trails

Freddie For Mayor